Donor Testing

CCBC conducts a variety of viral marker testing to include: Anti-HIV ½, Anti-HCV, HBsAg, Anti-HTLV I/II and Anti-HBc. Additionally, we offer Syphilis, ABO/Rh, CMV, Antibody screens, and Chagas Disease Testing. Custom panels are available upon request.

CCBC NAT laboratory performs the following NAT assays: HIV, HCV, HBV, West Nile Virus. Each assay meets industry standards for whole blood and/or source plasma testing.

Reference Consultation Services

CCBC performs compatibility testing (ABO & Rh, antibody screen and crossmatch). Consult services such as antibody ID and antibody titers are offered; additionally, red blood cell phenotyping is also available.

Component QC Testing

CCBC offers white blood cell counts on leuko-reduced products such as red blood cells and apheresis platelets.

  • Component QC Data

Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of CCBC Laboratories is to achieve customer satisfaction and service excellence by demonstrating continuous process improvement while complying with global regulatory requirement