Donor Testing

CCBC conducts a variety of viral marker testing to include: Anti-HIV ½, Anti-HCV, HBsAg, Anti-HTLV I/II and Anti-HBc. Additionally, we offer Syphilis, ABO/Rh, CMV, Antibody screens, and Chagas Disease Testing. Custom panels are available upon request.

CCBC NAT laboratory performs the following NAT assays: HIV, HCV, HBV, West Nile Virus. Each assay meets industry standards for whole blood and/or source plasma testing.

Reference Consultation Services

CCBC performs compatibility testing (ABO & Rh, antibody screen and crossmatch). Consult services such as antibody ID and antibody titers are offered; additionally, red blood cell phenotyping is also available.

Component QC Testing

CCBC offers white blood cell counts on leuko-reduced products such as red blood cells and apheresis platelets.

  • Component QC Data

Quality Policy

The Quality Policy of CCBC Laboratories is to achieve customer satisfaction and service excellence by demonstrating continuous process improvement while complying with global regulatory requirement

Nat Testing Labaratory- Tests & Methods

Title: Description:
WNV NAT Novartis
Ultrio Plus NAT (HIV/HCV/HBV) Novartis


Processing Laboratory-Tests & Methods

Title: Description:
ABO/Rh Beckman
Anti-HBc Total Abbott Prism
Anti-HCV Abbott Prism
Anti-HIV 1&2 Plus O Abbott Prism
Anti-HTLV I/II Abbott Prism
CMV Total Beckman CMV
HbsAg Abbott Prism
Red Cell Antibody Screen BioRad Tango
STS (Syphilis) Beckman STS
T. Cruzi (Chagas) Abbott Prism

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Registration Number

  • Fresno Jenny Eller Donor Center: 2970324
  • Fresno Donor Center: 3007794996
  • North Fresno Donor Center: 3002963670
  • Visalia Donor Center: 2970009

State of California Department of Public Health Registration Number

  • State of California Biologics License Corporate Main Center: 9029
  • State of California Biologics License Visalia Donor Center: 9333
  • State of California Clinical Laboratory Certificate of Deemed Status – Fresno Jenny Eller Donor Center: CDF 00004466

CLIA Accreditation

  • Fresno Jenny Eller Donor Center: 05D0643580

American Association of Blood Banks (AABB) Accreditation

  • AABB Accreditation Certificate

Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Tissue Bank Permit

  • Maryland Tissue Bank Permit: TB1803

Maryland Medical Laboratory Permit

  • Maryland Medical Laboratory Permit

Laboratory Contacts

Medical Director
Patrick Sadler, MD
(559) 389-5403

Assistant Laboratory Technical Director:

Lisa Alvarado
(559) 389-5481 (direct)

Laboratory Technical Supervisor:
Aliza Cambunga
(559) 389-5433 (ext. 5489)

Laboratory Component Supervisor:

Chong Vang
(559) 389-5479 (direct)

Immunohematology Reference Lab:
(559) 389-5483 (direct)


Main Hospital Services Contact Numbers
Main #: (559) 224-8244
Order Line: (559) 389-8803
Fax #: (559) 224-6023

Hospital Services Manager:
Jerry Harder
(559) 389-5441 (direct)