Benjamin Westburg, Life Saved

Benjamin Westburg entered the world on March 26, 2014, a vibrant and seemingly healthy
baby boy. After just one night in the hospital, the family eagerly anticipated bringing him home
and got the green light to go. However, concern soon overshadowed the joy during that
first restless night. Baby Benjamin appeared lethargic, likely from the lack of sleep. Yet, in a
sudden and terrifying turn of events, he turned blue and went limp. “I still remember the smell
of the room and the exact screams from my wife,” says Nic Westburg, father of Benjamin.

Rushed to the hospital in an ambulance, Benjamin’s condition deteriorated rapidly despite
aggressive antibiotic treatment for suspected Group B Strep. Although the family was hopeful,
the medication seemed ineffective as Benjamin’s health continued to decline.
With little improvement, the doctor suggested a platelet transfusion to boost his immune
system. Benjamin’s father recalls the doctor’s advice, “If it were my child, I wouldn’t think twice
about a transfusion.” Without hesitation, they opted for the procedure, grateful that platelets
were readily available.

Group B Strep is an infection that poses a serious risk to infants, including developmental issues
and neurological complications. Except for a few febrile seizures, Benjamin has not experienced any other long-term effects.

“Benjamin is now a healthy, rambunctious, brilliant, passionate, Jesus loving ten year old. All
because a stranger donated their time and precious platelets,” says Nic. “I donate to honor his
struggle and the countless struggles that families, young and old, face everywhere. We do
this life together, or not at all.”

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