You’re in the right place!

-Gisela, Donor and Adan Olvera, Life Saved

“We’re on the front lines saving lives, but we need your help.”

– Rene Ramirez, Emergency Room Physician Veronica Ramirez, Pediatrician

Did you know just one single car accident victim can require as many as 100 units of blood?

“Every time you donate it’s a home run for our community.”

– Aaron Judge, MVP & CCBC Spokesman

We’re partnering with the Aaron Judge ALL RISE Foundation® to get more young people to donate blood!

“You’ve got nothing to be afraid of. Literally.”

– Hailey Nelson M.D., Dr. America 2023

Donating blood is painless, safe, and simple. C’mon, it’s easy and people are counting on you!

“Only 3% of the U.S. population actually donate blood.”

– Anthony Contreras, Aspiring Deejay and Donor

If only one more percent of all Americans would donate, blood shortages would nearly disappear. You can help!

“Here in the Central Valley,
when you have someone’s back, you donate your blood.”

– Whitney Gaudaur, EMS Paramedic and Diego Padilla, EMS/EMT

Let’s all support the CCBC’s mission to save as many lives as possible.


Are you interested in hosting a blood drive?