Interested in Hosting a Blood Drive?

If you belong to a group, organization or business of any kind, then you have what it takes to start a blood drive - people! Give the gift of life, by signing up your office, church, club, sports team or social organization to host a blood drive.

To get started, complete the following:

  1. Determine how many people from your organization are interested in giving blood. We recommend asking people to sign up and provide contact information, so you can call or email them once you have formalized your plans. Sign ups for specific donation times will be important to the success of your blood drive. In order to host a mobile blood drive, you must have 30 committed donors signed up.
  2. Assemble a small blood drive committee. This committee can consist of two or more people willing to help make certain you successfully meet the goals you establish for your blood drive. (We recommend a minimum of two people, so not all the responsibility falls on one person.)
  3. Contact the Central California Blood Center at (559) 389-5442. You will be matched with a blood drive recruiter who can assist you with the details of your blood drive, including a date, time, and location.

Where can I host a blood drive?

Our bloodmobiles are considered a blood center on wheels and we are self-contained. The spot you designate for us must be level and paved, such as a parking lot. The parking lot must be large enough to accommodate one of our vehicles and be easily accessible for donors to safely enter and exit the mobile vehicle. If your facility has a large indoor space, you might want to consider hosting an indoor blood drive instead. Ask your blood drive recruiter which type of blood drive will be best for your organization. A nearby restroom must be available for donors and blood center staff.

How do I ask people to sign up?

The number one reason why people do not give blood is because they have never been asked! So, don't be shy! Just ask. Divide it up! Have each committee member responsible for gathering a certain number of sign ups. It's also important to educate your organization. Share information about patients who depend upon blood donors. People give for people and when you make the need about people, others will help.

What if I don't have 30+ donors or a blood drive location?

No problem. You can still help! We will be happy to welcome your donors at one of our four donor centers. Please give us a call to learn about hosting a donor center blood drive. Or, if you prefer we come to you, reach out to neighboring businesses or groups to see if they will jointly host a blood drive with you.

When should I contact the blood center with a date?

The sooner the better. Once you have 30 committed donors please call the Central California Blood Center to secure a date. We are usually booking eight weeks out, but we may be able to accommodate your drive if it's as early as three weeks out, depending on availability.

Questions? Ready to schedule your blood drive? Call us today at (559) 389-5442.

Together, we will save lives.