Thank The Donor® is a patented, free and simple service that allows a patient, friend, or loved one to send an anonymous message to the person who donated the blood being transfused. It is intended to provide for the donor, an opportunity to directly see the impact they’ve made. Patients who are able to say “thank you” are also ideal ambassadors for the care they themselves have received from the hospital, nursing staff and physicians. The Central California Blood Center is given an opportunity to truly educate new and current donors on why donating blood is such a simple, yet crucial and impactful way to give back to the community.

­3 Simple Steps

  • Go to the website (using a smart phone, tablet or computer).
  • Take a photo of the Donor Identification Number on the blood unit (or key in the numbers).
  • Send your message (with or without a picture) to the Central California Blood Center who will in turn, share it with your exact donor(s). They can choose to be anonymous or give as much information as they please. From there, the note is shared with our donor, as directed by the anonymous patient. It is that simple!

Help Us By:

  • Informing nursing and hospital staff about the Thank The Donor® program.
  • Placing point-of-purchase displays (provided by CCBC) in waiting areas and staff areas to help promote the program for patients, families and staff alike (Surgery, OBGYN and Oncology are ideal floors given higher volume of blood products used).
  • Pointing patients/staff or anyone with questions to the Central California Blood Center for more information.

“My son was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma on Nov. 5th 2020. Since then he has needed about 4 blood transfusions and many platelet transfusions. We are extremely grateful for your donation and are super excited to have the opportunity to be able to thank you.”
-Much love Myles and Mom.

“Thank you so much for your generosity in taking time and energy out of your day for this gift. Without your help, we wouldn’t have the means to treat our boy. So, it is with our whole heart that we thank you. Your generous donation has provided healing and recovery. ”

“After being in the hospital nearly 2 weeks my blood counts dropped and needed blood. I feel SO MUCH BETTER. When I was told blood was low and I might have to wait, it scared me so much I cried. It truly scared me. But, someone like you decided to donate and helped save my life. Thank you for donating and helping to save my life. My 3 children and husband are very appreciative. “

Thank-The-Donor® and Sharing the Attitude of Gratitude® are copyright marks of the Oklahoma Blood Institute.