Emily Simmons

Posted on Dec 31, 2014

Age:  30 yr old    

Diagnosis:  Anemic

Emily has been anemic for nearly 12 years.  She has a gastric bypass patient and has had to return twice a year for routine lab work.  Within a day of her last lab tests her doctor called to inform her that her hemoglobin numbers were dangerously low.  Her doctor asked her if she was feeling faint, tired, and/or dizzy.  From dealing with anemia, Emily knew right away where he was going with the questions.  Normal hemoglobin numbers are 12 to 15, Emily’s was in the low 6's.  It startled her because she has been in the low 8's even 7's but never 6.  Emily asked if she could have an iron infusion and her doctor said no.  It had to be a blood and iron transfusion!  The two help produce more red blood cells and that is what Emily needed most.  Emily was basically running on half the blood most people her size have.  She was then asked for a blood sample so they could cross match her blood to find the best match.  Her thought was that she could receive any A+ blood since she had an A+ blood herself.  That was not the case this time.  Preliminary test showed she was rejecting the first donated blood.  They knew that she would become very sick if they didn’t find just the right match.  Emily was scheduled for her transfusion that should have taken around 5 hours but within 15 minutes she was feeling worse and her body again rejected the transfusion.  Doctors were on the hunt again for the most perfect match.  Two weeks passed before they found a second match and she was getting her next transfusion.  Emily’s second transfusion was a success and she is finally feeling 100% again.  She didn’t know how badly she actually felt until after her transfusion.  Emily is now in the middle of a few iron transfusions and with each session she feels stronger and healthier.  Emily is so thankful for all the donors that give to help other live a stronger and healthier life. 

From:  Fresno, CA