Ainsley Tos

Posted on Oct 06, 2015

Age:  6 yr old       Diagnosis:  Acute Liver Failure

Ainsley’s story begins in 2008 when she underwent major brain surgery to remove a cyst impairing her development.  The neurological challenges threatening her development continued and her family remained committed to finding the best possible care for her.  And, she overcame many challenges.  March 1st Ainsley’s mom, Angie, brought her to the emergency room at Children’s Hospital at the advice from her doctor because Ainsley was exhibiting extreme exhaustion and disorientation.  It was thought she was having neurotical issues so she was given a MRI and had blood work done.  Fortunately, Ainsley’s MRI indicated that her cyst was stable and brain-wise, everything looked good.  Unfortunately, the blood work showed highly elevated liver enzyme and ammonia levels so she was admitted to the hospital.  After many tests, medications, procedures and long drawn out days Ainsley was diagnosed with Acute Liver Failure.  She was put on a transplant list and on March 18 at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto, doctors performed a life-saving liver transplant.  Ainsley has recovered very well and is now enjoying the summer heat by swimming and playing as any six year old would be.  Her family is very grateful to blood donors who kept her going during all of her procedures and are thankful they have their beautiful cheerful little girl again.  

From:  Visalia, CA