Darla Silvera

Posted on Aug 12, 2015

Age:  Adult         

Diagnosis:  Needed blood during surgery

Darla has been a long time blood donor and employee of the Central California Blood Center.  Blood donation is a passion of hers and she works daily to spread the word on the importance of blood donation for others.  She is also an O-Negative donor, which is the rarest blood type, universal, and can be transfused to any patient. A little over a year ago Darla had to have gallbladder surgery and then became a blood recipient herself, needing two pints of blood.  Darla realized personally how appreciative she was to have the blood there when she needed it and is proud to be a part of such a great mission.  Unfortunately after being a recipient she was deferred for one year but is now back into her routine and donating faithfully.  She wants blood donors to know, you just never know when the need for blood may arise for you or someone you love.

From:  Fresno, CA