Ellie Hicks

Posted on Oct 06, 2015

Age:  9 ½ yr old  

Diagnosis:  Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) 

Summary:  Ellie is 9 years old and was diagnosed with ALL Leukemia in September 2012.  Ellie is strong willed, outgoing and giving.  She is in the third grade and wants to be in the medical field when she grows up.  Like most young girls she is a big fan of the Little Mermaid and Barefoot Contessa.  Just a few of her favorite places to go are Disneyland, John’s Incredible Pizza and camping.  She and her family would like to thank blood donors for giving her the opportunity to do all of these things.  Ellie has used many pints of blood and platelets during her battle with ALL.  The Hicks family would like to encourage donors to continue to donate for Ellie and other children that are battling this awful disease.

From:  Fresno, CA