Grateful Friends Wall

A donation of $5,000.00 results in the purchase of a plaque on the Grateful Friends Wall which is located prominently in the lobby of the new administrative headquarters and Jenny Eller Donor Center. There are four message lines on each plaque, so multiple folks and/or companies (up to four approximately) could contribute and show how much they care, as well.

To date, contributions to the Grateful Friends Wall have already secured well over 1/3 of the plaques available. When all are secured, one million dollars will have been raised and very well may be the last of the funding needed to pay for the entire administrative site and Jenny Eller Donor Center and much needed equipment. So far, those contributing have been from a variety of companies, individuals, families, service clubs and organizations. We hope you can and will help, as well.

Please print out the "Grateful Friends Wall" donation form (click here for the .pdf version) and fax to Leslie Botos at (559) 389-5505 or mail to:

Leslie Botos
c/o Central California Blood Center
4343 W. Herndon Avenue
Fresno, CA 93722