Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I apply to work for CCBC?
Go to Careers Tab, select Available Positions, Find desired Position and click the job title and you will be directed to our on-line application portal.

What do you look for in a candidate?
We ask candidates to read the job description carefully to determine if they meet the requirements. If any job aspect is “required,” candidates without the particular experience or education are not routinely considered. Previous experience and/or education and volunteer experience are highly desirable; however an equally important requirement is job stability.

I’ve applied, now what happens?
CCBC prides itself on reviewing applications in a timely manner. As soon as an application is received, all applicants get an initial email notification that they have successfully applied.

Active Recruitments: If we are actively recruiting for the position you have applied, you will either receive a phone call of interest or an e-mail stating that your candidacy is no longer under consideration and/or the position has been filled.

Non Active Recruitments: If we are not actively recruiting for the position you have submitted an application for, you can expect no further contact until the next time that this position becomes an active recruitment.

Please Note: Candidates lacking required experience and/or education or who are competing against others with more experience and better job stability will not be contacted beyond the initial email notification.

I’ve applied and I haven’t heard anything.
If a candidate applied for a position and never received a disposition, it is likely that the email address provided by the candidate was erroneous and we did not have the means to contact the candidate, Or we are not actively recruiting for the position the candidate has applied for. Occasionally, another candidate will be hired for a position and the job posting will be closed without reviewing all applications. CCBC does not limit the number of applications you can submit so you are welcome to re-apply for the next position for which you are qualified.

Can I apply for more than one position at a time?
Yes, however, be aware that hiring managers will concentrate on those candidates that are focused on a career objective and on one position or career path rather than those candidates wishing “to just to get their foot in the door,” or “just because I need a job.” All positions at CCBC require an investment of detailed and sometimes lengthy training. Managers want to assure business needs as well as individual candidate career goals are met.

I have previous experience and education for the job I applied for and I still failed to receive an interview. Why?
Despite one’s background, there are usually numerous candidates vying for the same position. CCBC strives to make the best possible hiring decision and select the best qualified candidate at the time the job is open.

Do I need to be certified as a phlebotomist in order to work as one at CCBC?
No. Because what we do is quite different from what is expected of a phlebotomist at a clinic or hospital. We have found the best candidates are those who have completed a Back Office/Medical Assistant program. We have our own paid training program beyond the Medical Assistant Certification which is required of anyone joining our team – even if they do have previous experience.

I’m a blood donor. Will that give me preference over other candidates?
CCBC appreciates each and every donation that is made as it assures the saving of lives. However, the business needs of the company require that we hire the most qualified candidate for the job. Donations themselves do not assure acquisition of a position. All candidates must meet the specific requirements of the job vacancy.

What type of people should I use as references?
We ask that you use “professional” contacts. Present or past supervisors or HR Professionals are best. Do not use friends, family or coworkers. If you work for a family member, think of business clients that might know your work well.

I have a question not covered here. Can I speak to someone?
The quickest way to get an answer to your question is to email the recruitment team at