President's Message

It may seem the Central California Blood Center (CCBC) is always asking folks to donate and actually, we are. The need for blood is never ending and even on days when the blood supply is fairly strong, one auto accident or surgical complication can rapidly lower inventories to critical levels. The Blood Center works diligently to be prepared for every incident and will continue to do so.

Our generous donors continue to be responsive with blood donations, but as our Central Valley community continues to grow, so does the need for additional blood donors. For example, blood usage has increased 30% the last several years. To meet this need, CCBC must create more and more opportunities for donors to help save lives more conveniently. Our Valley has been completely self-sufficient, blood-wise, for over 12 years and we remain continually dedicated to this mission.

To sustain this self-reliance, the Central California Blood Center is always looking for new opportunities to increase awareness and find and encourage new donors to roll up their sleeves and give. If you would like to help, your organization or business can assist in planning for the future by scheduling a blood drive. For more information, please call the Central California Blood Center at (559) 389-LIFE (5433).

Please know how much all blood donors, sponsors and your individual continued support is greatly appreciated. Please also know how deeply the Board of Directors and staff at the Central California Blood Center are committed to serving the Central Valley, our hospitals and residents. We can and should be proud and very grateful for all who take an hour, every eight weeks, to give the “gift of life.” The lives of so many depend on it.

Thank you, as always, for your gifts of life.

Dean Eller
President and CEO
Central California Blood Center